Sweet! I've been tagged!

So my girl Gabby tagged me today. I've never been tagged and always wondered how you could get tagged, and now I know. ;) heh.

So...here are my answers:

5 things in my fridge
skim milk
bottles of water
homemade spaghetti sauce
yellow mustard

in my closet
clothes that don't fit me anymore
Dave's clothes
extra blankets

in my purse
Icapod (my ipod...hell yes I named it)
cell phone
body spray

in my car
B's carseat
stroller (in the trunk)
some of B's cars
an empty plastic bin from B's daycare
an umbrella (in the trunk)

on my tivo
Does DVR count?
Like 5 episodes of Good Eats
A teen cooking challenge from the food network
The latest episode of "Finding the next Coyote Ugly" from CMT
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Passion of the Christ

i'm tagging
My girl Jenn
My sweetness Jaime-poo
Dave's Aunt Linda
My SIL, Jenn


It's tough...

...being a mom. Not negatively tough (well, it is sometimes, but that's not what I mean this time) but heart-wrenchingly tough. I dropped B off at his first "real" daycare today and it totally pulled at my heart. Dave and I have been hyping him up about how cool his new school is and how many friends he's going to make and all the new things he's going to learn so that when he transitioned from the in-home daycare to this one he wouldn't get blindsided, ya know? So, although we'd been preparing him, I don't really think I prepared *myself* well enough. I left the parking lot after dropping him off and lost it! I think it's because we'd been telling him that it was "school" so it almost felt like one of those first day moments where you wish you had your camera and everything and you kinda wish that he would've held onto you as you walked him into the room (B didn't, by the way...he ran straight for the toys and started chatting up a storm with a precious little girl in the toddler room...flirt. lol). I think it's just hard for me to accept that he's getting older. Growing up. Branching out and not needing me as much. I know that that's what I signed up for when I became a mom, but it's tough to deal with.

It's like when people tell you when you're pregnant how much a baby will change your life. You're thinking "um, duh!" but you can't really grasp the concept of the intensity of the change until you actually HAVE that baby. Until you've stayed up with him while he screams because his stomach hurts. Until you've rocked him to sleep until your arms felt like they were going to fall off because you don't want to lay him down. Until you've been soaked through by the sheer volume of water that splashes up out of the bathtub. Until you've heard that first little cry or that first little laugh or witnessed that first shaky step or that first insanely awkward bite of food. But I know that now. I know that certain milestones in his life are going to be tough for me to deal with. That I may cry and I may scream and I may show no emotion whatsoever and that any of those responses are ok, because I'm his Mom. It's my job to cry, to scream, to sigh, and to pray that by doing the best job I can as his Mom will pay off. That he'll become a wonderful, curious, respectful, loving, kind man one day and that he'll remember just how much room he takes up in my heart. That he fills a void I never knew even existed until I saw those two pink lines one snowy February morning. As his mama that's all I can wish for; and I hope and pray that he knows that although it was difficult for me to drop him off this morning, it was also a wonderous and fulfilling part of my job and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.



I'm so frustrated today. I have a huge headache, my stomach is KILLING me, my back hurts, I have school tonight and I forgot ALL of my stuff at home, I hate my job, I'm BEYOND exhausted, my poor little boy has an ear infection and I have to be here (read: work) instead of at home taking care of him, and just so many other things that my brain is at maximum capacity.

Do you ever have those days? Where nothing goes right. Where you compare yourself to everybody else and think "wow, they have it made...my life/day/mood, etc. sucks". Well, today's one of those days. And I can't seem to get out of that funk, ya know? Maybe a trip to Starbux on my way to school will help. ;) heh. Or the fact that my very best girly friend is coming to visit me in 2 days!!!!! I'm BEYOND excited about that! We have so much planned and I just can't wait to go pick her up from the airport! We're gonna hit Starbux tomorrow morning, too so I'll be extra hyped up. heh

But man, this day is blah. I hope it passes. Maybe I'll see if I can get something scrapped tonight. That might help. Which is another thing. Scrapping. I am having THE most difficult time defining myself as a scrapper. I *love* all things simple, but I also love the look of product that looks like it was just tossed perfectly onto the page, ya know? And I can't seem to get a grasp of either. There was a challenge on
2peas to help with design and I was all about it. Until school hit. And I can't escape it. I have so much homework I practically have A&P coming out of my eyes! It's nuts. So I'm going to sit down after this class is over and redo all of the challenges to see if I can't define my style and embrace it, ya know? So wish me luck. ;)

On a cool note, I found a new pea to stalk. lol She's hysterical and her work is AMAZING! Make sure you check her out. ;) Michelle (burberrygirl)


I almost forgot!

Don't you just love my new banner?! :) Thanks to my girl, Jaime Warren for hooking me up. Love you, dude! ;)

Um, entitlement much?

You know what I hate about northern Virginia (well, one of the things I hate)? The sense of entitlement everyone has when they're driving. I'm sure it's not just northern Virginia in particular either, but I live here so I hate it.

On R66 there is a lane that is only open during peak traffic hours (i.e. between 6-10 AM and 3-8 PM) which means you can only drive in that line during THOSE hours. However, without fail there is always a handful of people that drive in that lane REGARDLESS of what time it is, and that royally pisses me off. Sometimes I'll let it go if the person has an out of state plate. Sometimes. But seriously, the big honkin' bright red X hanging over the lane should be a sufficient indicator that unless it's a designated time period you are NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE IN THAT LANE!!!! Phlippin' idiots, I swear! Oh, and I have massive road rage, so I'm the fool you see yelling at the fools driving in the restricted lane. Mmmhmmm. That's me. But I could care less, because they piss me off so badly. UGH!

Anyway, there's my vent for the day.


The day after

So since it's the day AFTER my birthday, which ultimately becomes that day where nothing is as cool as before because now you have to wait 365 days for your birthday to come back around again, I thought I'd make a little list of stuff I'm thankful for/digging on and share it with you. :)

*My family
*My friends
*The opportunity that my in-laws have given me to go back to school
*2peas (duh)
*The sun and a nice, cool, crisp day
*My son's laugh when I tickle him
*New scrapbook stuff
*Burt's Bees lip balm
*The color orange
*Rascal Flatts

Ok, I could probably go on for like 50 trillion years, so I'll stop here. ;) But share with me what you're digging on right now. I wanna know!


So I'm 25 now.

Morning all! :)

So...today's my birthday. The big 25. I don't think I really feel 25. I feel younger than that. And I know a lot of people are thinking "holy crud, 25?? That's ALL!?" but really, to ME it seems old...for me. I thought I'd have a lot more accomplished by now that I don't. However, I will admit that I'm taking steps to getting where I want to be, and for that, I'm happy. :)

Even though I don't have everything accomplished, I do have two of the most amazing driving forces in my life: my sweet baby boy and my wonderful best friend/husband. Seriously, without them, I can't imagine the way my life would've turned out. So it's all for the better.

Now, because it's my birthday and my blog, I'm taking a trip down memory lane. I phlippin' LOVE looking at old pictures of me and my sisters/brother and my mom and dad. Love it. So I'm going to share some with you. :)

This is a picture of me and my Mom the day I was born. I love it. My mom is so pretty and she looks so happy! It totally reminds me of the day B was born and that just melts my heart. :)

Here's another one of me and my mom. I love this picture! (me thinks I'll be saying that a lot. heh.) No idea what's up with the goofy grin on my face, but it cracks me up!

This is probably one of my all time favs. Although, it is missing my brother (*note* he wasn't born yet. *end note*) That's me in the rockin' Rainbow Brite nightgown. (Don't lie...you used to have one) Those are my two sisters, Haley (being held by my mom) and Alicia (right in front). Look how phlippin' sweet my hair was!! *sigh* It does NOT look like that anymore. :(

And now for some useless information. I found this slammin' daily blog meme website that gives you useless questions to post on your blog on Mondays. Seems kinda fun, especially if you're drawing a blank on what to talk about. So here are today's questions and my answers:

1. When eating pancakes or waffles, do you put your syrup on top of the pancakes/waffles or on the side and why? On top. And it HAS to be maple syrup from Vermont. That watery Aunt Jemima crap is *not* syrup. I most definitely have to put it on top of waffles so it is evenly distributed in each of the little square hole thingys. Otherwise it's a waste of a waffle. And pancakes? Well, it just makes sense to put the syrup on top. Duh.

2. Do you cut your sandwiches on the diagonal, straight up the middle or not at all? Diagonal. It seems easier to eat that way. You bite off the corner first and work your way around.

3. Do you tuck your top bedsheet in with hospital corners or do you like it on the looser Dude. I don't make my bed. So, N/A. HOWEVER...if I'm in a hotel and they tuck the sheets in to the point where you're mummified, I pull them out so I can breathe and all, ya know?

So...that's me...on my birthday. :)


Birthday RAK

Great job Melissa and Laura!! :) You both had the highest scores at 70! You're fantastic guessers! Since I'm so dang generous I'm going to RAK both of you. Just email me your peanames and addresses and I'll get the RAK out to you. Thanks to everyone for playing!!


Ok, so I've decided to put my birthday RAK up a day early...this will give you more time to take the quiz and me more time to select the winner...so...here goes! Good luck!

My phlippin' sweet birthday quiz!

p.s. I forgot to mention...when you take the quiz, post here the number you got right and the highest amount will win. I trust we can all be honest...mmm-hmmmm. ;)

Phlippin' Sweet!

So. I've joined the blog bandwagon. I posted about it on my favorite site, 2peas to get some opinions on whether or not I should even bother and I've decided to just do it. It will help a lot when it comes to journaling for my scrapbook pages. I'm terrible about keeping a book-type journal so I'm hoping this will ease me into writing something daily. ;)

Now...as far as the address of my site goes, I realize that "phlippin" isn't a word. I wanted it to be "flippin" but some other blog loser stole it from me. Grr. Well, I guess they didn't really steal it so much as they got it first. But I digress. Basically, phlippin sweet encompasses a lot of who I am. One of my all time favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite and that's where I got the quote from. The use of "ph" instead of "f" was because, well, someone already had the flippin title and because I wanted to keep the title of my blog as such and I'm just that clever. Well, not really. My husband's clever. He came up with the idea. Also, I've got a "ph" in my name, I'm studying to become a nurse and we learn about body pH, and...and...well, now I'm just grasping, but you get the idea.

So, should you choose to ride the "phlippin' sweet" bandwagon, hold on tight. Sometimes I make no sense, sometimes I do, and sometimes you'll just leave scratching your head. But I hope you'll enjoy the ride. :)

*p.s.* Tomorrow I'll be 25. Yuh huh. A quarter of a century! *cringe* Come visit my blog tomorrow and I'll be hookin' someone up with a phlippin' sweet RAK to celebrate!