Good day.

Today's a good day.

I got a suh-weet deal on a sewing machine ($30 off craigslist baybee!), it's officially time for
fall in my little world, my hubby got to come home early, my puppy hasn't had an accident in the house today (yet), I got my medicine refilled (I feel more human now, trust me), and I finished writing my last paper in my bio-ethics class. Woot! It's been awhile since I've felt this good. I'm enjoying it.

Ok, so back to the sewing machine. I've been wanting a sewing machine for the LONGEST time but those suckers are expensive. I've been stalking freecycle and craigslist for eons trying to find one. I don't even need a new one! I just want one that works. So I found an ad on craigslist for one that a guy got from his mom's attic that hasn't been used and I snagged it. He even tested it for me before we picked it up so I could make sure it worked before I bought it. Coolio, huh? My first project? Glad you asked!

Cute, no?! I'm planning on making a couple of them...one for my niece-y poo, Samantha and one for my pseudo niece-y poo, Emily. :) They look fairly easy so I'm hoping I'll be able to pull them off without them falling off the girlies. lol Gotta love Martha! Plus, it gives me an excuse to go to the fabric store and look at all the pretty fabrics. Can't wait!



Gotta get a new puppy pic in today. Ain't she sweet??



How cute is this picture of my niece!? lol She cracks me up. :)

I just had to share this picture because it totally makes me happy. :)

Another thing that's totally making me happy?....

That's right! She's ours! :) Oh my gosh, and what it took to get her...whew. Let's just say it was no small feat.

So we leave our house in Virginia at 9:30-ish in the morning. We start driving toward Caroline County, Maryland to get to the shelter thinking we'd probably get there by 12, right? Well, first there was MAD traffic on the beltway, so that wasn't happening. They were doing construction on a Friday (um, hello...worst day and time EVER to do construction work on the beltway) so they had the 2 left lanes completely blocked. Ugh. I'm freaking out the whole time because the shelter closes at 4:00 and I'm super anal about time and wanted to get there by at least 1:00 so we'd have time to play with/meet Shanti (her name before we changed it.. ;)) for a little while and then if we got her we'd need time to fill out paperwork, etc.

So after sitting in traffic for a good hour we finally get through, but by the time we got to the shelter it was....no lie....1:45! I was so annoyed. But we finally found it and practically sprinted to the front door. So we go in and at the front desk we tell them we're there to see Shanti so we can introduce her to Bradley. The shelter doesn't normally adopt puppies to families with kids under 5 so we had to bring B and make sure that the two of them got along ok. But when I told the guy that we were there to see her his face fell. And I could immediately feel my heart start beating out of my chest. He was like "um, they told you to come see her today?" and all I could manage to say was "yes, we spoke with Virginia and she told us to come today." Well, apparently she was at the flippin' vet getting spayed right then! UGH! So our options were to drive back the 3.5 hours it took us to get there (not gonna happen) or we could wait an hour for her to get back from the vet. Yea, we chose option B.

So we end up sitting in Dave's truck for a little over an hour because it is a lovely 98 degrees in the SHADE and the shelter wasn't much cooler. So we go back in and during the 10-15 minutes that we were back in the shelter TWO other people came to see Shanti. Yea, she's that cute. So there were basically 3 of us vying for this dog. It was bad. So after making calls to our previous vets, the lady at the shelter came out and as soon as she walked out of her office Bradley says "excuse me, can we take Shanti home?" lol I swear this was TOTALLY unrehearsed. We didn't bribe him or tell him to say that or anything. It was totally genuine.

And um, my kid's cute, so how can you say no, right? ;) So the shelter lady sticks her pinky out and gets down to B's level and says "if you pinky swear that you'll take really good care of her, Shanti can go home with you." WOOOOOOOOOT! :) OMG the three of us freaked out. We were so excited! So the 3.5 hour car ride was totally worth it! YAY!

And now Elliott (yes, Elliott) is ours! She is so so amazing! And fun! And she can already sit and lay down and she knows the word no and she knows her new name. *sigh* This is totally all I wanted! I'm so happy! So keep an eye out for new puppy layouts! I've never scrapped about a dog before so it should be interesting! :)

That was an epic post, so if you're still reading, thanks for sticking around. ;) And if you have any puppy tips let me know!


I waaaaant her!

How cute is this face? For reals.

Um, hellllllloooooo quintessential puppy face! *sigh* Isn't she beautiful!? Davey Jones and I have been talking about getting a puppy for Bradley for some time now and we've decided that now is that time. So, if all goes well with our application (PLEASE keep your fingers crossed) then we will be the proud new owners of little Elliott. Yes, she's a girl. Yes, her name is Elliott. heh. If you watch Scrubs you'll understand.

Anyhow...she's an 8 week old terrier mix that was abandoned at a shelter in Maryland and as soon as we saw her on
petfinder we knew she was the one. So we sent in the application this afternoon and I called to confirm they got it (because I'm THAT neurotic) and they did! So, it takes 3-4 days for them to review the application and they said after that they would contact us. My heart is in my stomach! I want this little pup so badly! Gah!

So, cross your fingers and wish us luck that our app goes through and that no one snatches this cute little girl out from under us. ;)

I'll keep you updated!



*sigh* Colbie Caillat is JUST what I've been looking for. :)

There is no way you can listen to this girl sing and NOT swoon. Seriously. Her voice is stunning. Clear. Simple. Just amazing!

I am SO glad I found her. I get all sway-ey and happy when I listen to her. Awesome stuff.

Listen for yourself. Tell me you like her. That'll make me all sway-ey and happy, too. ;)



Ok, you know when you find something cool and you want to share it with everyone?

Well, today's that day for me. :)

I found THE most awesome website and I'm baffled as to how I knew nothing of it until now! It's fantastic!
Delight.com is a clever site with some awesomely random goodies. The coolest part about this website is that every 24 hours they feature one new item to put on sale! How cool is that?!

Here are a few of my favorites:

These A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E hand towels and coasters, first of all! They sport my favorite color combo of orange, teal, and lime green and the trees and woodgrain patterns are flippin' too cute for words!

And then holy cow! How CUH-UTE are these little notebooks!? I'm totally digging on the little birdies and the color combination is to DIE for! The coolest part, though, is that they're made from 100% recycled paper and are 100% recyclable! :) Direct from Delight.com:

"This set of Ecojot notebooks speaks for itself: 100% recycled + recycleable; 100% post-consumer waste; no new trees were cut to make these notebooks; paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council; glues & inks are vegetable based + biodegradable; the mill used to make the paper uses clean, affordable biogas (recovered landfill gases) as their alternative power source"

Good times! :) So not only are you getting a super cute notebook, but you are backing a company that looks out for the environment. Totally can't beat that!

Enjoy, guys!


Why why WHY?

Why does my husband have to be allergic to long-haired doggies? :( I don't know why, but lately I've been jonesin' for a pup and I've been looking online at local shelters to see if I can match myself up with a cute one. There's a lot of awesome doggies out there that need good homes and all I want is a small little gal right now.

So I'm online at
Petfinder last night and I come across this little beauty. And my heart jumps. And I sigh. And I end up staring at her for what seemed like HOURS. Is she not stunning!?

Ahhhhh! My heart just pounds when I look at her! So SO sweet! Her name is Trixie (although I desperately want to re-name her Chandler) and the shelter said they found her abandoned with her little brother in someone's yard...poor little thing. :( But man, isn't it true what they say about puppy eyes!? She could have ANYTHING her sweet little heart desired if she looked at me like that! lol

And then, we did some research. She's a mix. A mut. LOVE it. But she's got some pomeranian in her and that would literally CHOKE my allergy-ridden husband. Too bad I actually like him. lol So unfortunately this sweet little girl won't be joining our home. :( So for now I have her picture on my computer desktop and every once in awhile I click on my desktop icon so I can take a peek at her sweet little self. *sigh*

If anyone has a magic spell that helps people overcome allergies I would be forever grateful if you'd share it with me! :) EMAIL ME! Hehe.


LOVE this video.

LOVE this song.

It is so completely stuck in my head that I'm sharing the beautiful torture with you. Enjoy. :)