Raise your hand if you even read this blog anymore.

If you do, mad props. For reals. I cannot be counted on to update this thing. So rather than pumping out more lame (yet true) excuses how about if I share some pics? ;)

So I got this sewing machine through craigslist for $35 ('cause I'm an awesome schmoozer) and decided that for my first project I'd do something for the owl swap I'm in. That's right. Owl as in the cute lil' birdie. heh.

So here are some pics. Oohhh, I hope my swap partner doesn't check my blog! Otherwise the surprise will be royned! Hmmmm. Perhaps I should avoid posting pics of said swap then. What'd ya think? Yea. Let's go with that.

Ok, so no pics of that until I actually ship the thing. In the meantime how about some pics of a mini album I made for another lovely lady on SIStv.

I got pictures of her sweet little girls and had to make a mini album for her and then I swapped some of my pics to another member who is going to make ME a mini album! I can't wait to see it! Fun stuff!

So here's what I did...let me know what you think! It's pretty picture-heavy, so enjoy! :)

So if you still read this leave me a comment and tell me what you think? I seriously think this is the first scrappy thing I've ever posted on here! :) lol

Alright. It's 11:00 pm and I have to study for a test tomorrow so I'll chat with ya soon. Peace out.


Um, yea.

So I'm an awesome blog slacker. I'm good at my job, eh? Sorry about the two week hiatus. I just started my last year of nursing school (biting nails) and I've been super busy! And tired. But that comes with the territory, right? As far as nursing school goes I got my first test grade back yesterday. Before I tell you what it is though, get this. The whole school's grading system is such that a 90-100 is an A. EXCEPT the nursing program. 93-100 is an A and EACH question on our test is worth 2.5 points. So basically you can only miss 2 to get an A. Yea. I missed 3. UGH! So I am 1 question from an A. And they don't round so my actual grade is a 92.5. NOT a 93. Awesome, no? *sigh*

Anyway. Moving on. Gotta get a new puppy pic in since it's been awhile:

Ain't she sweet!?? :) She's getting SO big already! She's following a few simple commands (sit, no [sometimes]) and is getting better about the biting. ;) And Bradley is WONDERFUL with her! She still freaks him out sometimes (mainly because of the nails and she's a jumper) but all in all he is totally fantastic with her. And when I say she's a jumper, I am NOT lying. This girl leaps. Like a cat. lol It's hysterical. If you throw a toy towards her she seriously leaps and then pounces on it. It's awesome!

Oh, and speaking of B. Look at these baby blues!
Aren't they fab?? Crystal clear. And yes, I'm aware of the face he's making. ;) lol Such a spaz.

Alright well my head is pounding so I'm off to lay down for a bit. I promise I'll be back soon!