Laugh all you want, but these two books are on their way to my house. ;) And get this...Dave and I were watching American Idol last night and out of nowhere he says "I think I want to start a compost pile." Wha? Really?? So, I'm gonna read up on living green and see what I can do about possibly starting some composting. Interesting, huh? ;) I really, really want to make sure that the earth is somewhat taken care of as my son grows up and I want him to be responsible about waste and taking care of the planet for HIS kids. It's just good sense! :) So, as soon as I'm done reading these I'll give you a little critique and let you know what I think. What's next for us? Cloth diapers?! Ya never know... ;)


God bless soy!

Dave and I went grocery shopping the other day and I was looking for a new low cal ice cream or frozen yogurt because, let's be honest...Cold Stone is NOT going to help me lose weight. ;) Luckily, I stumbled across WholeSoy...this stuff is AMAZING! Completely organic soy frozen yogurt and it tastes like creamy, dramy ice cream! I get the chocolate hazelnut and it is so dang good! It kinda tastes like frozen nutella! ;) I just had to share my find with you. We got it at Whole Foods. I don't know if you can get it anywhere else, but it's delicious!


"The Spooky" - a Bradleyism

I know me. If I don't write this down I will totally forget it and I don't want to forget it. It cracks me up.

When Bradley is in the car with me and we're driving where there are woods on either side of us he calls it "driving through the spooky." I guess it's because of the tall trees on either side of the car, but I friggin' LOVE that he calls it that! :) It's adorable! Most of the time the spooky doesn't spook him, but every once in awhile I can hear him whisper from the backseat..."Mommy, I don't like the spooky." ;)


My kid's a genius!

Tonight at dinner, Bradley was explaining to Dave and I exactly what was to take place before he could have dessert. I kid you not, word for word, this is what he said:

Ok, so, this is how I get to have dessert. First, I take a bite of my meatball, then I swallow it and it goes down my esophagus into my belly. Then, I take a sip of milk and then I get dessert!

Can I tell you how much Dave and I cracked up!? :) I mentioned to him about what the esophagus does like a WEEK ago and out of NOWHERE he applies it and even pronounces the word correctly! lol Seriously, he's gonna take after me. Another nurse, perhaps? Or a Doctor? ;)