Yea, so I don't know what to blog about today. heh. :) I mean, I do, but I can't reveal it yet. ;) I'm just so...stressed, I guess. I'm at a point in my life where I'm being pulled in more than one direction and I don't really know which way is the right way. Or if there even IS a right way, ya know? I'm totally going to ramble in this post, so be prepared...

I have SO many options on what I can do with my life right now. So many paths I can take, and yet I am so TORN on what to do. Which path? When is the right time? Which do I do first? *sigh* I know I sound confusing and that's probably because I, myself, am full-on confused. I wish I had one of those cool wheel thingys that you spin (kinda like on Wheel of Fortune) and it just chooses a path for you. I am NOT a good decision maker. I hate having to put pieces together to make a whole. I just want the answer and I want it now. I'm VERY impatient. I'm also very unreasonable. I want both. I want it all. But I don't think I can. As an adult, a mother, a wife, a HUMAN, I don't know if I can have it all. At least right now. :( And that kinda pisses me off. It goes back to the whole "I'm impatient and unreasonable" thing I was talking about.

*sigh* So here I sit...torn in my decision on what to do. What paths to take. When to take them. Who to tell. It's kind of annoying, honestly. I just wish my brain would go "oh hey, Steph, by the way...here's what we're going to do." But that isn't going to be the case...obviously.

So for the meantime I'll wait. And see what happens. And talk to my husband. And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, be able to work out the angst in my mind on what I should do.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. ;)


Love, love, love!

I LOVE my son. LOVE him. To itty bitty bits and sometimes it knocks the breath out of me. Had the coolest conversation with him this morning on the way to school (i.e. daycare):

Bradley: (giggling) Mommy, do you know why I'm happy?
Me: No, Bradley...why are you happy?
Bradley: Because I'm happy and silly and I mixed them together!

Ok, seriously, when he said that I think my heart exploded a little. CUTEST thing ever! And some days he can do no wrong and he's the cutest thing ever! LOVE this little guy!!



Today on 2peas, Sophia issued a blog challenge: name your top 10 all time favorite TV shows, the top 10 shows you've never really cared for, and any other thoughts on TV that you might have. So I'm dedicating today's entry to Stevie the TV. ;)

Here goes:

Top ten favorite shows (in no particular order):
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. ER
3. Friends
4. Good Eats
5. Iron Chef
6. Scrubs
7. Desperate Housewives
8. Law & Order: SVU
9. Babies: Special Delivery
10. Everyday Italian

Ten shows that do NOTHING for me (again, in no particular order):
1. Everybody Loves Raymond
2. The Wiggles (*shiver*)
3. 7th Heaven
4. Charmed
5. The George Lopez Show
6. The Andy Milonakis (or however the heck you spell it) Show
7. The Man Show
8. Six Feet Under
9. Alias
10. Survivor

I'm sure there are tons more on both lists, but my brain is fried and she specified 10, so I'm sticking with that.

As far as my thoughts on TV go...I like TV. I do. There are TONS of great shows on (see first list above), the TV is a great source of information (i.e. CNN, the news, etc.), you can even come up with funky names for your TV (ours is Stevie...c/o Joey from Friends). However...the TV can also be a bad thing. It can be just another addition to the big ol' melting pot that *is* addiction. You watch too much, you stop spending as much time with your 3dimensional friends and family as you do with Stevie and at some point you even get that groove in your couch from too much watching i.e. Homer Simpson. It can get bad.

So...as much as I like TV it's good to turn it off every once and awhile and do something to interact with the outside world. Read (*gasp*), spend time with your friends and family, get some exercise, study, scrap...whatever. But don't make TV your life. ;)

p.s. My sister will be appearing on the show Close to Home as Kayla Philby on CBS this friday at 9. Don't miss it!!! How's that for irony? ;) Pot, meet kettle.

Ok, enough about TV. Now I wanna talk about living. Where you live...where you don't ever want to live...where you think you'd like to live... I'm not usually a blog stalker (except for Miss Sara W. I seriously hope I don't scare her off) but I checked out Heidi Swapp's blog the other day and she had gotten some fantastic family photos near her home in what looks like Arizona, and it got me thinking. I would really LOVE to visit Arizona. Love it. And Texas! I hate Virginia. Well, I hate Northern Virginia. It's so damn stuffy and expensive here and I'm tired of it. I want to be somewhere with some cool history. Not saying VA doesn't have that, but I would love to go to Texas or Arizona and just be, ya know? Tumbleweeds (heh), BBQ, heat, those cool roofs (ya know..the clay ones that are like pink or turquoise and stuff)...it just seems like they're both such interesting places to be!! Maybe I'll visit first...I'm pretty sure some people wouldn't like it if we just up and left, ya know? heh. ;)

So hey...if you live in Arizona or Texas, tell me about it...what's it like?? And if you have pictures, even better!! Share with me!


Ok. I'm nervous.

Wow. I don't know what it was about today, but it just hit me: I'm going to be a nurse!

If all goes well and I get accepted into the nursing program in the fall, I start classes in August. *AUGUST*. That's 3 months away. That means in 3 months, when I start clinicals that I'll be semi-responsible for someone elses life. A lot of someone elses lives. Yikes.

What if I don't remember what I learned in A&P? What if I screw up? What if? What if? What if? ACK! Ok, well I'm just going to stop thinking about it 'cause I haven't even gotten an acceptance letter yet. lol. I have to chill. ;)

Changing the subject... I got my new
scrapologie kit a few days ago and have been picking it apart and playing with it. I seriously love that kit club! One of the coolest things about it is that Sara Winnick is a DT member over there. She is so insanely talented and knows her way around some scrapping supplies, let me tell ya. ;) Her photography is amazing, her personality is amazing, her kids are amazing, her house is amazing (I'm not a stalker, I swear...she had pics of her house on her blog. Scouts honor). She's the scrapper you admire and wish you could emulate when it comes time for you to scrap. The one where you sit down, look at your pics and supplies and go "ok, now how would Sara Winnick approach this?" heh. I wonder if she'd let me call her so I can ask her the next time that I scrap if she wouldn't mind helping me with a layout. ;) What'd ya think?

And now...for a few fun pictures...just 'cause. ;) Aren't these action shots cool? I'm trying to learn more about my camera so I can actually learn to take decent pics a la Sara W. ;) heh.


My sister's famous!

Yay! Yay! Yay! OMG I am phlipping out! My sweet little baby (20 year-old) sister is going to be on TV! :) There's a show on CBS called "Close to Home" and she's gonna be on it!


If you look near the bottom of the list for the name "Kayla Philby" you'll see it. That's her! :) Well, Haley Webb is "her" but she'll be playing Kayla Philby. I am so incredibly excited for her! This is her dream. This is what she wants to do and it's playing out for her! I could NOT be more thrilled! (Thus the increase in !'s throughout my post...meh.)

YAY for you Haley!! I love you so much! Congratulations, girl! :) I miss and love you oodles! xoxo