Cancelled dates, puking toddlers, and magic

Cool entry title, no? ;)

Well, crazy is more like it. See, Davey and I had grand plans to do dinner and a movie last night. We were going to go see Pirates and then to Bonefish for some deliciou-oso calamari and wine (well, wine for me, anyway...) so the little guy was going to spend the night at his Grandma and Grandpa's house.

So we dropped the monkey off and headed back towards our side of town to swing by AC Moore and Border's before the movie started. While we were looking around Border's Dave gets a call. I can hear his mom and automatically know that something isn't right because they don't call unless something is wrong. And I'm right. B says his belly hurts and has thrown up in the parking lot of the mall. Gah. So Dave and I scratch the date plans and head up to his parent's house to pick him up.

Poor little thing was white...I mean see-through white...even his lips were pale! So after some crying, hugging, and puking we took him home. I would say, as a safe estimate, that he threw up 5 times last night. Poor thing. :(

So Dave and I ordered The Prestige (and I'm fully embarassed to admit that I STILL don't get the ending) from Comcast, ordered chinese and hung out at home. It was actually really nice. :)

And B's feeling better today! YAY!

p.s. I missed 1 on my bio-ethics test. It's an A, but my anal-ness is annoyed that I missed 1. lol. Shocking, eh? ;)



OMG. I don't know if I have ever been this tired in my whole life. Except the time I had a kid and he didn't want to sleep through the night until he was 7 months old.

Nursing is hard. Hats off to every nurse in the world.

Except the one who yelled at me today because she forgot her coffee or something. I mean, really. Calm yourself. She acted like she actually had to HELP me or something. Whew.

Ok, tomorrow is my last 12-hour for 6 days straight. I hope I can do it.

More when I have the energy.



Safe adults.

Dave, B, and I went to Applebee's for dinner tonight. :) You know when they hand you the menus at the door they not only have one for the adults, but they have a little one for the kids as well? Well, the one they gave B at Applebee's was a special "safety" one. It had a few pages of information on keeping yourself safe and what to do if you got into trouble. The first page has three blank circles in which you're supposed to draw your three "safe" adults that you would go to in case of an emergency. Next to the circles are blank lines for you to write their names in.

So we're going over the little booklet with Bradley and we ask him who his 3 safe adults would be. His answer:

Mom, Dad, and Aunt Jenn. lol That weird lookin' thing on top of my head would be my ponytail. And yes, that is an arm coming out of Dave's head. And that crazy spiral-y lookin' thing on top of Aunt Jenn's head is her curly hair. lol

This genius kid cracks me up beyond measure and makes my heart explode with joy all at the same time. :)


You know what I like?

I like coming to my blog sometimes and seeing the numbers on the counter change. Heh. That means, that although I don't get many comments, someone reads my blog. ;) I guess it's fun for me to know that I'm not the only one reading my own blog. Heh.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway...I had my nursing externship orientation today. Holy mother. 8 HOURS of sitting in a chair learning about the hospital. Good gravy. The cool thing was that this hospital completely and utterly looks after its employees. I mean, they have EVERYTHING. Daycare for their employees' children, thank you cards for good work sent to your HOME, and so many other awesome perks. Fun! I can't wait to start! :)

Now, today, in the mail, I got this precious gem:

FUUUUUUUUUUNNNN!!! I *LOVE* Jennifer McGuire's work. LOVE it. She is so dang talented and now I'm going to have more ideas for using my overabundance of scrapbook supplies! SWEEET! :)

Have a good night all!

And leave a comment if you have a sec...I know SOMEONE'S reading. ;)


Um, what?

LOL! How awesome is this?


Be still my Italy-loving, organic-eating heart!

You HAVE to be kidding me. Seriously!? Seriously. I swear it's like these people jumped into my head, shuffled around, found my dreams and put them into action...just for ME!

Oh yea. That's right. O-R-G-A-N-I-C T-U-S-C-A-N-Y!

You heard me! I feel like I'm going to pass out I'm so excited! This, ladies and gents, is a SEVEN day cooking holiday in Tuscany amongst organic farms and sprawling wineries, complete with daily cooking classes, wine tastings, trips to the organic farms, wine tastings, and I think there was a small mention of wine tastings on the site somewhere. ;)

I don't know what to do with myself right now I am so INSANELY happy! Look at this delicious list of goodness that IS this excersion:

What's included?
Seven nights' accommodation
Four hands-on cooking classes (in English)
Lunch with delicious local biodynamic wines after all classes
A welcome dinner at La Selva with wine
Two dinners at organic farm restaurants with wine
A farewell dinner with wine in a great local trattoria on Friday night
A wine-tasting session
A picnic lunch with organic products
Pre-booked ticket to the Uffizi galleries in Florence
A hamper with breakfast items (tea, coffee, fruit, organic jams and honey) in your apartment

Um, did I mention that I was excited??! I'm not sure if I did or not, but let me tell you now...I am! BEYOND excited. This trip was made for me. For reals! Italy? Cooking classes? Wine tasting? Organic, locally grown food? Homemade pasta? Italy? Beatiful villa to stay in? O.M.G.! This is meeeeeeeee!!!

As soon as I graduate and get a job I am immediately saving for this trip. I will not make it as a happy human being unless I have experienced this greatness.

Please, PLEASE do yourself a HUGE favor and check out this website...even if you can't afford to go at least read the site. It is so exilerating! (Oh, and just so you know, if you visit my site often...all 2 of you...heh...I WILL be talking about this more than once. You can bet your life on it! So let's hope you don't get sick of Italy..mm hmmmm.)

Be still my organic heart! :)

(Now, if only I didn't have to take a plane to get there...dang carbon footprint! heh)