Mission Organic

Yes. I'm posting twice today.

But I came across this awesome site that I HAD to share with you guys!

Mission Organic's mission (heh) is to increase people's consumption of organic items to 1 in 10. So 1 item in your shopping cart out of 10 should be an organic item. Whether it be produce, milk, meat, pasta, whatever! By doing so we can keep the earth and our bodies clean from pesticides.

At their site they also offer a free downloadable starter kit that gives you a ton of information on what "organic" means, how you can incorporate organic foods into your family's budget and it even gives you recipes and links to other sites to help you on your quest to increase the amount of organic foods you consume.

So go take a gander when you get a minute. ;) It's an awesome site!

The 11th Hour

I cannot WAIT for this movie to come out. I know Al Gore did the world a great service with An Inconvenient Truth, but this film looks amazing!



You guys. I have NEVER been this excited! (Well, except for my big ol' positive pregnancy test 4 years ago, but I digress)

If I haven't talked about it enough, let me refresh your memory...my little sister, Haley, is gonna be a big ol' honkin' film star. ;) She's an actress and recently graduated from her acting school in CA. She got a HUGE break starring (that's right...the LEAD) in an independent film called Big Game.

So you have to check this out...I'll let the video speak for itself:

Haley talks about Big Game!

Leave me comments, guys...let me know what you think!! :) I am SO proud of my little sister...so proud of her!




Wanna see what I got in the mail!?

Mmm hmmm. You're jealous. ;) (And yes, I know the picture is bad...that's what you get when your camera is busted and your car is busted and fixing one trumps fixing the other...so I had to take the picture with my phone. Whatevs.)

Are you NOT in love with all the pirate goodness?
This completely awesome chick (whose name happens to be Martha...coincidence? I think not) made this completely awesome layout and I emailed her posthaste to see if I could copy her "savvy" idea. I LOVED it.

If you didn't know, my son is addicted to pirates, and I had to know where she got those awesome stamps and rather than simply tell me she sent me all this goodness in the mail! :) How cool is that?! Cool I tell you!

So now I'm waiting until Scrapbooking on QVC is over so I can go downstairs and scrap my life away with my new goodies! Thank you Martha!!!


Tomatoes for breakfast?

Sure, why not?! :)

Never mind the piles of crap around the rest of my house, please. Heh. I've been busy. And I'm not a cleaner. Meh.

But seriously, my kid ate two whole tomatoes for breakfast. Just like they were apples. It was awesome. :)

We had a crazy busy day today. Drove around, did errands, visited the family, and shopped for a little project I started over at
Scrap in Style TV. I'm SO excited to get started on it! I'll get to scrap girls! Eeeee! :) And a mini album, no less! Totally can't wait for that!

Ok, I know it's only 10:00 PM, but I have to work tomorrow and I am dead tired. Night peeps!


I'm alive!

Exhausted. Both emotionally and physically, but I'm here.

I'll update tonight when I'm back on my own computer.