Seriously, I think this is the busiest I have *ever* been in my life! I haven't blogged in ages and so many things are going on I'm surprised I've even found time to sleep let alone post!

So, what's going on...it's probably easier for me to make a list:

1. I got into nursing school!! YAY ME! I'm nervous and excited and blown away! Classes start August 21 so wish me luck...I'm going to need it. ;)

2. We bought a house! FINALLY! It'll be so nice to get out of tiny apartments once and for all! I'll have pics up soon once I can get back over there. I believe we'll be closing near the end of this month, so keep your fingers crossed!

3. Dave has joined the gym with me. :) We *are* going to get healthy...as a family...together. That's what needs to happen. I've come to the realization (finally) that I can't do this on my own.

4. My homework is bogging me down. It's interesting stuff, but MAN is it intense. I've almost cracked a few times.

5. Packing, packing, packing. *sigh*

6. TRYING desperately to find time to scrap. I need to keep my creative outlet alive lest my homework bury me to the point of no return.

7. I finally quit my job. Well, I gave notice anyway. The nursing program doesn't want us working anymore than 20 hours/week, so I put in my 2 months notice. My last day will be August 15. I can finally breathe! :)

8. But now I have to find a part time job. :( Any ideas?

9. Trying to pick out cheap, fun decorating stuffs for the new place. If you have any cool ideas, PLEASE let me know!

10. Started a family-type book club thingy. There was a list posted on 2peas (1001 books to read before you die) that I'd love to try and get through and a few of the girls in my fam have agreed to join the challenge with me! :)

Ok, for now this is a good list. I have to go fill my prescription for the valium I'm to take before I get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. *gulp* Wish me luck!


Aaaaaaaand it's official.

We're looking at houses!! :) With a very sweet hook-up from one of the clients I work for we'll be able to afford a house, so Dave and I have started looking! We took home three binders yesterday which had tons of pics of three little houses in our area. Of course I put them on my computer and forgot to upload them to Shutterfly so I don't have any pics to post. Yea, I suck. I'll get them up though, I swear.

Anyway. We're both beyond excited but freaking out at the possibility of home ownership. There is SO much that goes into this process and it's overwhelming. Especially considering that we've been paying rent for 6+ years. It'll be so awesome to actually OWN something though, ya know?

Ok, so since I know squat about houses I need to know stories. Bad stories, good stories, tips, ideas, decorating ideas ('cause God knows I'll need it), etc. So get to talking people. Tell me anything I need to know about houses. :)

Oh, p.s. I *still* haven't gotten a letter from NOVA about the freakin' nursing program. Have I told you I'm the antsiest (is that a word?) person alive! This is KILLING me!!! Ugh.