So I'm 25 now.

Morning all! :)

So...today's my birthday. The big 25. I don't think I really feel 25. I feel younger than that. And I know a lot of people are thinking "holy crud, 25?? That's ALL!?" but really, to ME it seems old...for me. I thought I'd have a lot more accomplished by now that I don't. However, I will admit that I'm taking steps to getting where I want to be, and for that, I'm happy. :)

Even though I don't have everything accomplished, I do have two of the most amazing driving forces in my life: my sweet baby boy and my wonderful best friend/husband. Seriously, without them, I can't imagine the way my life would've turned out. So it's all for the better.

Now, because it's my birthday and my blog, I'm taking a trip down memory lane. I phlippin' LOVE looking at old pictures of me and my sisters/brother and my mom and dad. Love it. So I'm going to share some with you. :)

This is a picture of me and my Mom the day I was born. I love it. My mom is so pretty and she looks so happy! It totally reminds me of the day B was born and that just melts my heart. :)

Here's another one of me and my mom. I love this picture! (me thinks I'll be saying that a lot. heh.) No idea what's up with the goofy grin on my face, but it cracks me up!

This is probably one of my all time favs. Although, it is missing my brother (*note* he wasn't born yet. *end note*) That's me in the rockin' Rainbow Brite nightgown. (Don't lie...you used to have one) Those are my two sisters, Haley (being held by my mom) and Alicia (right in front). Look how phlippin' sweet my hair was!! *sigh* It does NOT look like that anymore. :(

And now for some useless information. I found this slammin' daily blog meme website that gives you useless questions to post on your blog on Mondays. Seems kinda fun, especially if you're drawing a blank on what to talk about. So here are today's questions and my answers:

1. When eating pancakes or waffles, do you put your syrup on top of the pancakes/waffles or on the side and why? On top. And it HAS to be maple syrup from Vermont. That watery Aunt Jemima crap is *not* syrup. I most definitely have to put it on top of waffles so it is evenly distributed in each of the little square hole thingys. Otherwise it's a waste of a waffle. And pancakes? Well, it just makes sense to put the syrup on top. Duh.

2. Do you cut your sandwiches on the diagonal, straight up the middle or not at all? Diagonal. It seems easier to eat that way. You bite off the corner first and work your way around.

3. Do you tuck your top bedsheet in with hospital corners or do you like it on the looser Dude. I don't make my bed. So, N/A. HOWEVER...if I'm in a hotel and they tuck the sheets in to the point where you're mummified, I pull them out so I can breathe and all, ya know?

So...that's me...on my birthday. :)


Katrina said...

Happy Birthday!

Love your pics, and love the random questions/answers. LOL about the VT maple syrup...b/c I live in VT and totally know what you mean.

(oh, and I don't make my bed either...)

Katrina said...

And, OMG...it just hit me that I'm an entire DECADE older than you. Wow.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!!

pr31wb said...

Wow, you look just like your mom in those photos! Happy Birthday!

justjohanna said...

happy birthday to you! i feel that way at every birthday milestone - i haven't accomplished everything i wanted to accomplish yet. i'll be 35 this year.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from Holland!
Hope you have a great day!!

Babs said...

Glad to hear you had a great bday. Love the pics.

oceans4 said...

This is a little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!