Sweet! I've been tagged!

So my girl Gabby tagged me today. I've never been tagged and always wondered how you could get tagged, and now I know. ;) heh.

So...here are my answers:

5 things in my fridge
skim milk
bottles of water
homemade spaghetti sauce
yellow mustard

in my closet
clothes that don't fit me anymore
Dave's clothes
extra blankets

in my purse
Icapod (my ipod...hell yes I named it)
cell phone
body spray

in my car
B's carseat
stroller (in the trunk)
some of B's cars
an empty plastic bin from B's daycare
an umbrella (in the trunk)

on my tivo
Does DVR count?
Like 5 episodes of Good Eats
A teen cooking challenge from the food network
The latest episode of "Finding the next Coyote Ugly" from CMT
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Passion of the Christ

i'm tagging
My girl Jenn
My sweetness Jaime-poo
Dave's Aunt Linda
My SIL, Jenn


Adrienne said...

Loved reading your tag! Those are fun!

melissa said...

awesome list, lovin your tivo'd items ;)

so glad you posted on my blog so I could find your blog again ;) thanks soooo very much for the RAK I love it.

BTW-your banner is so fun and pretty

aleciagrimm said...

great list!

Chiara said...

I love reading these kinds of lists. I am loving my DVR

em said...

I love that you named your ipod. That's hilarious!!