The day after

So since it's the day AFTER my birthday, which ultimately becomes that day where nothing is as cool as before because now you have to wait 365 days for your birthday to come back around again, I thought I'd make a little list of stuff I'm thankful for/digging on and share it with you. :)

*My family
*My friends
*The opportunity that my in-laws have given me to go back to school
*2peas (duh)
*The sun and a nice, cool, crisp day
*My son's laugh when I tickle him
*New scrapbook stuff
*Burt's Bees lip balm
*The color orange
*Rascal Flatts

Ok, I could probably go on for like 50 trillion years, so I'll stop here. ;) But share with me what you're digging on right now. I wanna know!


shirley said...

great list and happy belated Birthday!!

Jaime said...

it's been the day after for like
2 days now.