Um, entitlement much?

You know what I hate about northern Virginia (well, one of the things I hate)? The sense of entitlement everyone has when they're driving. I'm sure it's not just northern Virginia in particular either, but I live here so I hate it.

On R66 there is a lane that is only open during peak traffic hours (i.e. between 6-10 AM and 3-8 PM) which means you can only drive in that line during THOSE hours. However, without fail there is always a handful of people that drive in that lane REGARDLESS of what time it is, and that royally pisses me off. Sometimes I'll let it go if the person has an out of state plate. Sometimes. But seriously, the big honkin' bright red X hanging over the lane should be a sufficient indicator that unless it's a designated time period you are NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE IN THAT LANE!!!! Phlippin' idiots, I swear! Oh, and I have massive road rage, so I'm the fool you see yelling at the fools driving in the restricted lane. Mmmhmmm. That's me. But I could care less, because they piss me off so badly. UGH!

Anyway, there's my vent for the day.

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Steph said...

this is one thing I'm not looking forward to with our move....dealing with annoying drivers. At least here everything is just two lane highway