I LOVE good grocery stores.

I really, really do! Dave, Bradley, and I went to the new Whole Foods Market last night that they just built down the highway from us. I am SERIOUSLY in love. I already loved Whole Foods, but the closest one to us was a good half an hour or more. This one's only about 15 minutes away and it is H-U-G-E! The coolest thing is that in about 5 different parts of the store there are little eateries. Near the front of the store is an italian "resteraunt," which is where we ate...the food was AMAZING...and then sprinkled throughout the store there are chinese food eateries, a BBQ hut, sushi, gelato, coffee, a juice bar, etc., etc. It was so cool! We had a little bit of shopping to do and D makes fun of me because I'm on this organic kick, so we picked up a bunch of organic, fresh produce (so delicious), some stuff for me for lunches at school, and then we stopped and had some gelato. We did have to leave though 'cause B was punkin' out...it was WAY late. So late, in fact, that I COMPLETELY forgot it was Thursday night and I missed the first half of Grey's Anatomy! :( So rather than watch it from the middle to the end I called Jenn and had her tape it so I can watch it later. I think I may end up watching it tonight on my laptop with Dave though because I seriously don't think I can wait! lol

Tonight should also be quite an interesting evening. We're taking B to his very first in-theatre movie. *sigh* Wish us luck! ;) I have NO idea how he's going to act, but I hope he behaves. We'll be there at 7:45 tonight so I don't want to be one of "those" parents whose kid flips out and goes balistic in the theatre, ya know? lol I've already told him that we have to be quiet and respect the people who have come to see the movie and that if he wants to leave he has to quietly let me or Daddy know so that we can leave. That goes for the potty, too. ;) I think though, since his cousin Ashley will be there, that he'll do ok. Wish us luck! :)


One word.

So if you're not a scrapper go ahead and ignore this post. ;) I get a weekly email newsletter from a fellow scrapper, Ali. She's a big name in the industry and she comes up with these awesome weekly challenges to try and stretch your creative talents to the max. They're great when you run into a creative brick wall and can't come up with anything to put out.

So this last week's challenge was to come up with one word for 2007 that you would take and use for the year. Apply it to your life. What does it mean for you and to you in your daily life.

So I decided to pick a word. My word this year will be CHALLENGE. There are SO many things I want to challenge myself with this year and I want to be able to accomplish some of those challenges for once. To be able to apply myself to what I want to get done and actually do it. I want to challenge myself to study without interruption, to actually make TIME for scrapping instead of just purchasing product...which is still fun.. ;) To try new things, to stop being so darn lazy. These are all huge challenges in my life that I want to accomplish and I LOVE Ali's idea of picking a word and applying it to your life.

Now, let's just hope that I can actually accomplish that. I'm pretty good at not following through on my promises to myself. lol ;)