Blogger loser.

That's me! Man...I'm gonna sing the same old tune I usually do, but I have been SO beyond busy. I barely have time to see my family let alone post something on my blog. But, I've been neglectful and that's not really fair to you (the reader...the SOLE reader) of this here, my blog. ;) Heh. Jokes aside, here's an update.

I've taken two tests so far in nursing and gotten A's on both. :) I missed one on the first one and two on the second. I'm pretty dang proud of myself considering the intensity of this program. It also reminds me of how insanely lucky I am to have such fantastic in-laws that provide me with the ability to even be able to go back to school, so thank you to them both!

This weekend I have quite a bit to do. I have a mid-term to study for, a group project to start, and 3 (yes, 3) papers to write. So I better get crackin', but I wanted to post a few new pics of B so you can see how insanely big he's getting! He'll be 3 in 3 weeks! Can you believe that?! Man...I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that we brought him home from the hospital. *sigh* Anyway...enjoy!