Be still my Italy-loving, organic-eating heart!

You HAVE to be kidding me. Seriously!? Seriously. I swear it's like these people jumped into my head, shuffled around, found my dreams and put them into action...just for ME!

Oh yea. That's right. O-R-G-A-N-I-C T-U-S-C-A-N-Y!

You heard me! I feel like I'm going to pass out I'm so excited! This, ladies and gents, is a SEVEN day cooking holiday in Tuscany amongst organic farms and sprawling wineries, complete with daily cooking classes, wine tastings, trips to the organic farms, wine tastings, and I think there was a small mention of wine tastings on the site somewhere. ;)

I don't know what to do with myself right now I am so INSANELY happy! Look at this delicious list of goodness that IS this excersion:

What's included?
Seven nights' accommodation
Four hands-on cooking classes (in English)
Lunch with delicious local biodynamic wines after all classes
A welcome dinner at La Selva with wine
Two dinners at organic farm restaurants with wine
A farewell dinner with wine in a great local trattoria on Friday night
A wine-tasting session
A picnic lunch with organic products
Pre-booked ticket to the Uffizi galleries in Florence
A hamper with breakfast items (tea, coffee, fruit, organic jams and honey) in your apartment

Um, did I mention that I was excited??! I'm not sure if I did or not, but let me tell you now...I am! BEYOND excited. This trip was made for me. For reals! Italy? Cooking classes? Wine tasting? Organic, locally grown food? Homemade pasta? Italy? Beatiful villa to stay in? O.M.G.! This is meeeeeeeee!!!

As soon as I graduate and get a job I am immediately saving for this trip. I will not make it as a happy human being unless I have experienced this greatness.

Please, PLEASE do yourself a HUGE favor and check out this website...even if you can't afford to go at least read the site. It is so exilerating! (Oh, and just so you know, if you visit my site often...all 2 of you...heh...I WILL be talking about this more than once. You can bet your life on it! So let's hope you don't get sick of Italy..mm hmmmm.)

Be still my organic heart! :)

(Now, if only I didn't have to take a plane to get there...dang carbon footprint! heh)

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