Safe adults.

Dave, B, and I went to Applebee's for dinner tonight. :) You know when they hand you the menus at the door they not only have one for the adults, but they have a little one for the kids as well? Well, the one they gave B at Applebee's was a special "safety" one. It had a few pages of information on keeping yourself safe and what to do if you got into trouble. The first page has three blank circles in which you're supposed to draw your three "safe" adults that you would go to in case of an emergency. Next to the circles are blank lines for you to write their names in.

So we're going over the little booklet with Bradley and we ask him who his 3 safe adults would be. His answer:

Mom, Dad, and Aunt Jenn. lol That weird lookin' thing on top of my head would be my ponytail. And yes, that is an arm coming out of Dave's head. And that crazy spiral-y lookin' thing on top of Aunt Jenn's head is her curly hair. lol

This genius kid cracks me up beyond measure and makes my heart explode with joy all at the same time. :)


Angela said...

Can't see the pictures but know they have got to be sweet.

Anonymous said...

OMG be still my beating heart. UGH. I adore Bradley! YAY! I love how my second N spilled over on to the circle. Hee. What a sweet bean. Love you, Jenn Jedi