Cancelled dates, puking toddlers, and magic

Cool entry title, no? ;)

Well, crazy is more like it. See, Davey and I had grand plans to do dinner and a movie last night. We were going to go see Pirates and then to Bonefish for some deliciou-oso calamari and wine (well, wine for me, anyway...) so the little guy was going to spend the night at his Grandma and Grandpa's house.

So we dropped the monkey off and headed back towards our side of town to swing by AC Moore and Border's before the movie started. While we were looking around Border's Dave gets a call. I can hear his mom and automatically know that something isn't right because they don't call unless something is wrong. And I'm right. B says his belly hurts and has thrown up in the parking lot of the mall. Gah. So Dave and I scratch the date plans and head up to his parent's house to pick him up.

Poor little thing was white...I mean see-through white...even his lips were pale! So after some crying, hugging, and puking we took him home. I would say, as a safe estimate, that he threw up 5 times last night. Poor thing. :(

So Dave and I ordered The Prestige (and I'm fully embarassed to admit that I STILL don't get the ending) from Comcast, ordered chinese and hung out at home. It was actually really nice. :)

And B's feeling better today! YAY!

p.s. I missed 1 on my bio-ethics test. It's an A, but my anal-ness is annoyed that I missed 1. lol. Shocking, eh? ;)


Angela said...

Gregory threw up two days ago, really no fun to clean up or to see them feeling bad. Glad he is feeling better today. Too bad about your date. Nobody wants the kids when they are sick. Great job about your test.

Kelly S. said...

hope your little guy is feeling better!
oh how I miss Borders and AC moore.
on-line shopping just isn't the same!

Anonymous said...

poor B. ;o(