You know what I like?

I like coming to my blog sometimes and seeing the numbers on the counter change. Heh. That means, that although I don't get many comments, someone reads my blog. ;) I guess it's fun for me to know that I'm not the only one reading my own blog. Heh.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway...I had my nursing externship orientation today. Holy mother. 8 HOURS of sitting in a chair learning about the hospital. Good gravy. The cool thing was that this hospital completely and utterly looks after its employees. I mean, they have EVERYTHING. Daycare for their employees' children, thank you cards for good work sent to your HOME, and so many other awesome perks. Fun! I can't wait to start! :)

Now, today, in the mail, I got this precious gem:

FUUUUUUUUUUNNNN!!! I *LOVE* Jennifer McGuire's work. LOVE it. She is so dang talented and now I'm going to have more ideas for using my overabundance of scrapbook supplies! SWEEET! :)

Have a good night all!

And leave a comment if you have a sec...I know SOMEONE'S reading. ;)


Anonymous said...

You know I read your blog babe! ;o) Congrats on your extern ship! I know you will do great! XOXO, Jenn Jedi (lol)

Angela said...

Very cool! I am glad you are enjoying yourself.

jills said...

i read!:)

glad you'll be working somewhere great!