Laugh all you want, but these two books are on their way to my house. ;) And get this...Dave and I were watching American Idol last night and out of nowhere he says "I think I want to start a compost pile." Wha? Really?? So, I'm gonna read up on living green and see what I can do about possibly starting some composting. Interesting, huh? ;) I really, really want to make sure that the earth is somewhat taken care of as my son grows up and I want him to be responsible about waste and taking care of the planet for HIS kids. It's just good sense! :) So, as soon as I'm done reading these I'll give you a little critique and let you know what I think. What's next for us? Cloth diapers?! Ya never know... ;)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE cloth diapers!!! Next baby, we are totally getting them!!

I love you, you "crunchy" girl!

Angela said...

Every little thing helps the world.

FlipFlop Mom said...

ahhhh this is an adorable blog.. !!! I LOVE IT!! and don't knock the cloth diapers.. I used them for a good year.. LOVED IT!! best thing ever!! It's work.. but worth it!!! I LOVE the A&P "class" down below!!! Keep up the great work!!

scrap {n} flava said...

I used cloth too- there are many great cloth diapering products out there now that make it so easy now!

Good luck on your composting! And all of your green efforts!