"The Spooky" - a Bradleyism

I know me. If I don't write this down I will totally forget it and I don't want to forget it. It cracks me up.

When Bradley is in the car with me and we're driving where there are woods on either side of us he calls it "driving through the spooky." I guess it's because of the tall trees on either side of the car, but I friggin' LOVE that he calls it that! :) It's adorable! Most of the time the spooky doesn't spook him, but every once in awhile I can hear him whisper from the backseat..."Mommy, I don't like the spooky." ;)


Angela said...

Oh that is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember when we were in Elizabeth Furnace last year, and we went to the store for something, he said that. It is adorable!!! Everything about B is adorable!!! Yesterday, he, out of the blue came over to me and put his cheek against mine, and said, "You know, I love you Aunt Jenn" and he was rubbing my back...I nearly died and went to heaven right then and there! :o) Your son is smart! Must be where Samantha gets it from...;o)

Anonymous said...

ask Bradley if "the pants with no one inside them" are spooky?