God bless soy!

Dave and I went grocery shopping the other day and I was looking for a new low cal ice cream or frozen yogurt because, let's be honest...Cold Stone is NOT going to help me lose weight. ;) Luckily, I stumbled across WholeSoy...this stuff is AMAZING! Completely organic soy frozen yogurt and it tastes like creamy, dramy ice cream! I get the chocolate hazelnut and it is so dang good! It kinda tastes like frozen nutella! ;) I just had to share my find with you. We got it at Whole Foods. I don't know if you can get it anywhere else, but it's delicious!


Karol Loew said...

I tried peamail but had a minor problem So I just had to say thanks for posting...stay in touch if you care to, and this Soy product sounds great. I luv my icecream. Also found out,finally, that paxil holds weight on to some of us. Hoping Cymbalta fixes this problem. No diets worked more than a few pounds. I am a golden girl. Ha. Karoll

Irma said...

Nooo! don't give up Cold Stone! It's my fave!. I was able to lose weight still going there, but just shared the smallest size "Like It" with hubby.