My kid's a genius!

Tonight at dinner, Bradley was explaining to Dave and I exactly what was to take place before he could have dessert. I kid you not, word for word, this is what he said:

Ok, so, this is how I get to have dessert. First, I take a bite of my meatball, then I swallow it and it goes down my esophagus into my belly. Then, I take a sip of milk and then I get dessert!

Can I tell you how much Dave and I cracked up!? :) I mentioned to him about what the esophagus does like a WEEK ago and out of NOWHERE he applies it and even pronounces the word correctly! lol Seriously, he's gonna take after me. Another nurse, perhaps? Or a Doctor? ;)

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Angela said...

A word worm. That is great! I bet he was waiting to use it. So special! Miss you guys