15 years later...

...ok, so I got the books. They're both flippin' awesome! The little one (Easy Being Green) is perfect for me! It's a checklist of small things you can change in your life to make the world a better place (don't you wish we could all be holding hands and singing Kumbaya right now?). It really is awesome. I love it. Immensely! Dave and I are waiting on our tax return to come in before we order our compost tumbler. TOTALLY excited about that. I hope we can figure it out. ;) Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it (can't remember if I did or not), Dave and I are gonna compost. Dave and his Dad put a patio down in our backyard and we're gonna plant some stuff and some herbs and hopefully we'll be able to use the most radical organic soil from our very own compost bin. Seriously, how COOL is that!? I'll get pictures put up as soon as I can.

Another way coolio thing that I've noticed is the amount of trash we've cut back on since we started recycling a few months ago. Seriously, it's more than HALF. We only send maybe 2 bags to the side of the road for trash pick up now! The rest goes to the recycling peeps. It's awesome! The cooler thing is that Bradley's picking up on it. He asks if he can recycle stuff and he even has a little basket that he's dubbed his "recycling bin" for his play kitchen. I'm so so happy about that because one of the main reasons I've started my "crusade" for the environment is for him and his family and their family and their family. I want the world to be a HEALTHY place for them to live and the sooner he catches on to ways that we as a family can make that happen, the better!

Ok, way more tomorrow...I wanna talk more about this, but I am SO tired.


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Angela said...

The compost thing sounds great and like fun.