No friggin' way!

You are NEVER going to believe what this huge honkin' body did today. Never.

I JOGGED! :) That's right...I jogged. Well, it was only for 6 minutes, but dude, the last time I jogged I was still in Middle School. ;) I tore a page out of my Cooking Light magazine about jogging/walking and decided to try it out. For the first week you walk quickly for 4 minutes and then jog for 60 seconds. I can't believe I managed to do that! And I didn't quit...which is something I'd normally do! YAY ME!

Thanks to Chris and Jenn for letting is borrow the treadmill! :) I hope I can keep this up! So now that it's here someone has to keep me accountable. lol


Sue said...

Way to go!! I am an avid exerciser..I have to be cause I am not even 5 ft. tall and every single pound shows!! LOL! I HATE running, but I do it occassionally when I can't get to a class, so I know how hard it can be. Good for you for doing it,,,kep,up the good work!!

Angela said...

you can do it