Um, yea.

So I'm an awesome blog slacker. I'm good at my job, eh? Sorry about the two week hiatus. I just started my last year of nursing school (biting nails) and I've been super busy! And tired. But that comes with the territory, right? As far as nursing school goes I got my first test grade back yesterday. Before I tell you what it is though, get this. The whole school's grading system is such that a 90-100 is an A. EXCEPT the nursing program. 93-100 is an A and EACH question on our test is worth 2.5 points. So basically you can only miss 2 to get an A. Yea. I missed 3. UGH! So I am 1 question from an A. And they don't round so my actual grade is a 92.5. NOT a 93. Awesome, no? *sigh*

Anyway. Moving on. Gotta get a new puppy pic in since it's been awhile:

Ain't she sweet!?? :) She's getting SO big already! She's following a few simple commands (sit, no [sometimes]) and is getting better about the biting. ;) And Bradley is WONDERFUL with her! She still freaks him out sometimes (mainly because of the nails and she's a jumper) but all in all he is totally fantastic with her. And when I say she's a jumper, I am NOT lying. This girl leaps. Like a cat. lol It's hysterical. If you throw a toy towards her she seriously leaps and then pounces on it. It's awesome!

Oh, and speaking of B. Look at these baby blues!
Aren't they fab?? Crystal clear. And yes, I'm aware of the face he's making. ;) lol Such a spaz.

Alright well my head is pounding so I'm off to lay down for a bit. I promise I'll be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your son. ;o)

Elliott IS getting bigger! I cannot wait to see her Sunday! Love, Jenn Jedo (is that better, lol)

Nat said...

What an adorable Puppy you have!!!!

Angela said...

Great job on the test. I know it will be a relief for you when it is over. Well, get some rest. I am finally able to do that myself, but now I have to look for a job. So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful puppy!!!!!!!!!

And Bradley is the most handsome little one with the bestest eyes. He will be able to get anything he wants with those!

vicki (AKA Miss. Macky)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pic of B! :) I love his eyes...him and Emmy have those beautiful baby blues :) Elliot is tooo cute!! Cannot wait to see yall again! luv yuns all!

jenni-ur bff in NC heehee

Funky Finds said...

adorable doggie!