Good day.

Today's a good day.

I got a suh-weet deal on a sewing machine ($30 off craigslist baybee!), it's officially time for
fall in my little world, my hubby got to come home early, my puppy hasn't had an accident in the house today (yet), I got my medicine refilled (I feel more human now, trust me), and I finished writing my last paper in my bio-ethics class. Woot! It's been awhile since I've felt this good. I'm enjoying it.

Ok, so back to the sewing machine. I've been wanting a sewing machine for the LONGEST time but those suckers are expensive. I've been stalking freecycle and craigslist for eons trying to find one. I don't even need a new one! I just want one that works. So I found an ad on craigslist for one that a guy got from his mom's attic that hasn't been used and I snagged it. He even tested it for me before we picked it up so I could make sure it worked before I bought it. Coolio, huh? My first project? Glad you asked!

Cute, no?! I'm planning on making a couple of them...one for my niece-y poo, Samantha and one for my pseudo niece-y poo, Emily. :) They look fairly easy so I'm hoping I'll be able to pull them off without them falling off the girlies. lol Gotta love Martha! Plus, it gives me an excuse to go to the fabric store and look at all the pretty fabrics. Can't wait!


Angela said...

Have fun sewing. I loved to sew until I went blind now it is much harder. sewing machines are so much fun. My mom has one that you can program in leters and it will sew words all by itself.

elizabeth said...

oh my goodness!
those are so stinkin' ka-yute! i wish i could sew clothing :)
ps....i'm your partner for the owl swap and i haven't forgotten about ya. i'll email ya tonight with my info and maybe we can chat lil bit :)

oceans4 said...

Have fun with your new sewing machine! I wish I could sew. The most I can do is occasionally sew the stuffing back into a stuffed animal. LOL.