Why why WHY?

Why does my husband have to be allergic to long-haired doggies? :( I don't know why, but lately I've been jonesin' for a pup and I've been looking online at local shelters to see if I can match myself up with a cute one. There's a lot of awesome doggies out there that need good homes and all I want is a small little gal right now.

So I'm online at
Petfinder last night and I come across this little beauty. And my heart jumps. And I sigh. And I end up staring at her for what seemed like HOURS. Is she not stunning!?

Ahhhhh! My heart just pounds when I look at her! So SO sweet! Her name is Trixie (although I desperately want to re-name her Chandler) and the shelter said they found her abandoned with her little brother in someone's yard...poor little thing. :( But man, isn't it true what they say about puppy eyes!? She could have ANYTHING her sweet little heart desired if she looked at me like that! lol

And then, we did some research. She's a mix. A mut. LOVE it. But she's got some pomeranian in her and that would literally CHOKE my allergy-ridden husband. Too bad I actually like him. lol So unfortunately this sweet little girl won't be joining our home. :( So for now I have her picture on my computer desktop and every once in awhile I click on my desktop icon so I can take a peek at her sweet little self. *sigh*

If anyone has a magic spell that helps people overcome allergies I would be forever grateful if you'd share it with me! :) EMAIL ME! Hehe.


Anonymous said...

awww, she is precious! Man, Dave, you and your allergies-ruin it for everyone! LOL! haha. precious puppy! Hope you find one that he can live with...yeah, too bad you kinda like him eh. LUV YA!!

jenn in nc -ur bff

Anonymous said...

*SIGH* What a CUTE doggie. Sorry that you can't take her home. Someone will! HUGS! Jenn Jedi

Angela said...

Dog hair, I have it everywhere in my home! But boy can they be sweet.