Tomatoes for breakfast?

Sure, why not?! :)

Never mind the piles of crap around the rest of my house, please. Heh. I've been busy. And I'm not a cleaner. Meh.

But seriously, my kid ate two whole tomatoes for breakfast. Just like they were apples. It was awesome. :)

We had a crazy busy day today. Drove around, did errands, visited the family, and shopped for a little project I started over at
Scrap in Style TV. I'm SO excited to get started on it! I'll get to scrap girls! Eeeee! :) And a mini album, no less! Totally can't wait for that!

Ok, I know it's only 10:00 PM, but I have to work tomorrow and I am dead tired. Night peeps!

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Angela said...

Tomatoes are yummy! Gregory likes them too.