Mission Organic

Yes. I'm posting twice today.

But I came across this awesome site that I HAD to share with you guys!

Mission Organic's mission (heh) is to increase people's consumption of organic items to 1 in 10. So 1 item in your shopping cart out of 10 should be an organic item. Whether it be produce, milk, meat, pasta, whatever! By doing so we can keep the earth and our bodies clean from pesticides.

At their site they also offer a free downloadable starter kit that gives you a ton of information on what "organic" means, how you can incorporate organic foods into your family's budget and it even gives you recipes and links to other sites to help you on your quest to increase the amount of organic foods you consume.

So go take a gander when you get a minute. ;) It's an awesome site!


Paperbagdaisy said...

I just put the Mission Oraganic into my favs. Thanks for sharing, very interesting!!

Moreen (aka Armenime) said...

This sounds good, must visit.