Ok, I don't believe in horoscopes and all that stuff, but how cool is mine for today?

Don't be surprised if you have bursts of inspiration today, STEPHANIE. You can expect to be especially efficient, and your imagination will conjure up all sorts of new and interesting ideas for projects. Since you are highly intuitive right now, communication will be open and congenial. You are so receptive to the thoughts of others that you are able to anticipate their needs. Not surprisingly, this makes you popular indeed!

Cool, huh? :) So maybe I should get some scrapping, laundry, card-making, dishes, and unpacking done. What'd ya think?

So since I've had some time to get some stuff done (what with school being out and all) I ran by Barnes and Noble yesterday to use a gift card that I got for my birthday and decided to pick up a book I'd been eyeing.

How happy does this guy look? :) I wanna be that happy. I wanna know what's making him so happy. He's a yogi. Doesn't he look sublime-like? I'm going to read his book, learn how to practice what he teaches, and go from there. I need inner peace. I went to lunch with my Mamma yesterday and she asked me what inner peace meant. I couldn't give her an answer. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but I know I want it. I'm thinking it's a calmness with yourself that only you can understand and achieve. It's probably a different experience/feeling for each individual person, but I'd like to be able to attain it myself. I'm too tense lately and I don't like it. So, I'll keep you posted.

I also just got back from visiting our friends down in North Carolina...playing with their gorgeous little 4 week old baby and just hanging out. It was very relaxing and we had a great time. :) It was good to see them. Good to NOT have to do homework while I was down there. lol.

But I'm back today and I think I'm planning on getting some scrappy things done. I haven't created much in awhile and I miss it. If I get something done I'll be sure to post it. ;)


jill s said...

WOW! that is an awesome horoscope!!:) did you get a lot done?!


Anonymous said...

I wanna braid his eyebrows...JJ