I love tuna. Tuna steak, tuna sushi rolls, and tuna in a can. As I type this I'm eating an amazing tuna sandwich made with mayo that's made with canola oil instead of vegetable oil and it's quite tasty! Canola oil is better for your ticker anyway, so I'm glad I like it. ;)

Dave and I are both determined to whittle our waistlines down so today I'm starting back on a full time regimen of eating properly and exercising. I've already walked for 40 minutes today on the treadmill Chris & Jenn let us borrow (thanks, guys!) and I'm eating well today with lots of protein and fruits/veggies. I'm doing ok today, but let's just hope I can keep it up tomorrow. ;)

Dave and I took our waist measurements last night and let's just say that mine wasn't pretty. I knew it would be high, but dear lord. It was INSANELY high! I have a lot of work to do. A normal woman's waist should be 32" or less. 35" or less for a man. Mine = not 32" or less. Mine = 32" or more. Trust me. It's bad. So. I decided that today is the LAST time (unless I get pregnant again ;)) that my waist will be what it is right now. I don't want diabetes, I don't want heart problems, and I want to like the way I look. So, wish me luck! :)

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Good luck my love! xoxo JJ