For real. How cool is this idea...
An entire website/blog/"palooza" dedicated to nothing more than the awesome craft of stamping! Isn't that awesome?! Seriously. Check out A Muse's awesome stamping extravaganza site! Looking at the pic above I'm sure you're thinking..."huh? But it's only May!" Yea, well, the coolio folks over at A Muse decided that instead of making us insanely addicted scrappers/stampers wait for July that they would have an entire 2 month party leading up to the big shabang in July! COOL, huh? :)
So you're probably wondering where you come in regarding all this, huh? Well, an awesome part of the A Muse fun is that for their Amuseapalooza they will be picking an A Muse ambassador. In other words, if you're the biggest of all lovers of A Muse you get a MAD gift prize of $250 in A Muse products and a sweet t-shirt! I neeeeed both of these things. Really, I do. Why, you ask? Well, several reasons, but right now, my answers are 1) I'm massively in love with the preciousness that IS A muse stamps and 2) I'm super broke what with being in nursing school and can't afford to buy myself the pretty pretty A muse goodness. So if you can find it within your lovely hearts to register at A Muse and put my name as your referral person, well...you can be guaranteed a card once I win my A Muse goodies. :) Simply follow this link and register. You'll (I'll) be glad you did! :)

p.s. How CUH-UTE is this little A Muse image?? My friend Jennifer Pebbles made it! Cute, no!? :)

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