I'm tired.

So so very tired. I only have a week and a half of school left, thank goodness! I cannot BELIEVE how quickly this semester has gone. I've got a test tomorrow and then my final the week after that! Oye.

I've got some cool news, too. I got an externship (think internship) at the hospital where I had my son! I'm SO beyond excited! They're letting me be in post-partum although my dream is Labor & Delivery. They don't usually put students in L&D though, so PP it is! Totally cool by me...I just can't wait to hold some babies and help moms with breastfeeding and taking care of their little ones. I think one of the coolest parts of being a nurse is the teaching aspect. We get to teach our patients so many things and I love being able to do that. Now, I do have this problem with talking super fast so I really hope I can control that once I get into the hospital. lol

So today my plan is to study for my test and probably clean up a bit around the house. Exciting, huh? ;) I'm thinking I may start my new hobby today as well and bake up a batch of fancy-dancy cupcakes. If I do I'll definitely get a picture going for you. ;)

Have a great Sunday!


Angela said...

Congrats! I am excited about your externship. I know you will do great. Good luck on your tests. I am sure you are studying this very moment.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I am SO proud of you!!! Congrats on your externship, I know you will do great! Love, Jenn Jed

jill s said...

WOW! how cool!!

sweet, kind, patient nurses are the BEST after having a baby!