Never Gonna Give You Up!

Goshdangit I love the 80's!! Even more I love 80's music. :) I seriously need to get XM radio if only for the 80's music station. I just downloaded one of my all time favorite 80's songs "Never Gonna Give You Up." LOVE me some Rick Astley, baby. Even if it was a one-hit wonder kinda thing...best.song.ever. Plus, you gotta love a tall, skinny, brunette, dorky Brit. ;) hehe I'm listening to it on iTunes and picturing the video in my head...lol. It's cracking me up and now I'm in such a good mood! I love when little things like that put me in a good mood. It makes me feel like there actually IS something good with the world. ;)

So it's been like 5,000 years since I updated blogger, but to be fair this is like THE most intense semester of nursing school ever. :( I'm DROWNING in reading (8 chapters due by Monday to be exact) and I have NO time for anything...my family, scrapping, reading, my family. It's heinous. I can't wait until I graduate. I applied for an externship with the hospital where B was born so I hope I get the opportunity to do that. It would be SO exciting and such a great opportunity for me!

Ok, I know this is a lame update, but I'm dead tired (Chuck e cheese on a Saturday night with 4,000 screaming kids will do that to ya) and I want to spend a little time with my family before B heads off to bed. ;) I'll update more tomorrow!


p.s. I just downloaded Together Forever by Rick as well. Apparently I forgot he was a two-hit wonder. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Love that song too! Hang in there...1 1/4 year left and then we graduate!!