CUTE and green living...!

You know when you stumble across a cool website and you just want to share it with everyone? :) Well, I found one today...check out these massively ADORABLE plates?? Oh my gosh! I LOVE them!
They're little monsters! The website where I found these also has another set that I'm in love with...its got a little monkey on the plate. TOO cute. If you want to check out the site, go here. They have awesome baby clothes and blankets and toys and everything. All of their clothes are made from soybean fiber so you KNOW they're comfortable, good for the environment, and free of chemicals.

From Babysoy's website:
"What is soybean fiber? Soybean fiber is a sustainable textile fiber made from renewable natural resources. It is part of an effort moving consumers away from petrochemical textile products and turning waste into useful products."

It's actually funny because a few months ago I wouldn't have cared about any of this, but for some reason I'm going all crunchy. lol ;) Don't ask me why...and Davey makes fun of me constantly (in a loving way, of course), but he's starting to get on the crunchy train, too. I just feel better knowing I'm giving my family food and things that aren't chemically altered, you know? Sure it costs a little more to buy organic skim milk over regular skim milk, but I know that by doing that there are no antibiotics or anything in the milk and that the cows are fed a healthy, vegetarian diet. Go ahead and roll your eyes now (if you haven't already.. ;)), but truly...I think I'm coming around to the idea of "green living." If you want to learn more, I HIGHLY recommend
this show. Sara Snow is an expert on living green and organic and she's down to earth (pun completely intended) and honest about small, easy changes you can make to live a fresher, healthier life. So if you have Discovery Health I definitely recommend watching it. She's fantastic. :)

Ok, off my organic, green soapbox. It snowed and now we have ice all over the place outside so I'm off to go sledding with the boys! :) More later!


Angela said...

I know what you mean. After I started using cloth diapers I got more into organic and natural.stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like I get on a green, organic soapbox too! The more I read and the more that I see in organic products, the more excited I get. I have always been a bit of a greeny, but now, I can say that I am taking more steps towards a green lifestyle. If you are in the market for organic baby clothes there is a great site. It is www.susiejane.com. You'll find 100% organic Egyptian cotton clothes, biodynamic body products, organic bedding and much more. The site fits your title "Cute and green living...!"

Anonymous said...

You are cute and crunchy! Love, Jenn Jedi :)