An anatomy & physiology lesson with a 3 year old

Today while I was trying to get some homework done (I let Dave sleep in so B was in the office with me) I decided I'd try my hand at teaching B about the important inner workings of the human body. :)

A few years ago before I started nursing school Dave and I were in the dollar store and I found this little plastic guy with actual innards. We're talking differently colored organs that you could take out and look at. Seriously, it was the best $1 I've ever spent. I was so dang happy to have found that little guy! (My story has a point, I swear) So I took him home, named him Darwin ('cause it sounded cool) and he has sat on my desk ever since.

So today while I'm working on a case study for clinicals Bradley hops up on my desk and wants to play with Darwin. Enter my teaching opportunity. We open up Darwin and spill out his guts. ;) Cool, huh? I pick each piece up and tell him what it is, what it's called, and how it works....in 3 year old terms, of course. I'm not going to get into the cells and hormones and all that jazz with him quite yet. So I go through all the organs and as I hold up each one he tells me what they look like to him. With a straight face. Very matter of fact. Seriously, it cracked me up. So I figured I had to share with the world what the human body is actually composed of. So here, ladies and gentlemen, is your daily anatomy lesson:

1. Small Intestines: It's not intestines at all. In fact, it's a strawberry. So enjoy.

2. Large Intestines: Ladies and gentlemen, this is nothing more than an ordinary sea turtle.

3. Heart: This is actually a heart. So that's good. At least we can still pump blood to the sea turtle and the strawberry and all that jazz.

4. Spleen/pancreas: A blueberry.

5. Bladder: This does not hold urine. It is a lemon.

6. Liver: This is actually a piece of Bradley's shirt that got torn off.

7. Stomach: A whale. Who'd of thunk it?

8. Trachea: It's a sword. Duh.

9. Kidneys: Another blueberry.

10. Lungs: Ok, I won't tell you what he said they were at first, but if you have any kind of an imagination I'm pretty sure you can guess. ;) His second answer was an orange. So I'll stick with that. lol

So there you have it. Our body is a fantastic web of fruit, swords, shirts, and sea mammals! Coolio!


Shirley said...

too stinking cute!

Karen said...

How funny!!

Anonymous said...

totally funny!

Also- SoyBaby- CUTE!!!


Laura Fiore said...

Your kid is way smart Stephanie...loved this entry!!

Angela said...

Very cute. He does know his stuff.

Anonymous said...

Seriously...I have sat here laughing my butt off so hard because I can totally see B describing all that to you just matter of factly! :) He is precious! Funny boy! i cannot wait to see him again! I am sure Sam and him will have a blast!!!-love ya all! JENN J