A meme. At 11:46 pm.

I'm waiting until midnight so I can register for my nursing classes for next semester because if I go to sleep and wait until tomorrow morning every class I want will be full and I'll have to take the leftovers. And I soooooooooo don't want to go to class on a Friday afternoon, ya know? So...I make myself stay up the night of registration so I can actually get the good classes. ;)

So, to kill time here are my answers to a meme posted on the scrapbook board I frequent daily. They're pretty cool questions so if you want to snag the list and do it yourself feel free! But make sure you link me to your blog so I can see your list! :)

1. I am blessed, loved, exhausted.
2. Dave knows me best.
3. I feel anxious, stressed, sleepy.
4. The most important thing in my life is my family. Always.
5. I always carry my purse (original, huh?)
6. I think therefore my brain is jampacked. ;)
7. I’m at my happiest when my son is laughing, the sun is shining and I'm spending some much needed downtime with my sweet hubby and baby boy (who is technically no longer a baby, but I'm his mom and if I wanna call him that, I will...so pssshhhh).
8. On a Monday morning, you can find me clutching my blankets, trying my damndest to convince my son through two bedroom doors and a hallway that he has plenty of toys in his room to play with and that I'll be in his room in a minute (or 5, or 10, or an hour...whatever).
9. My favorite food ingredient is garlic.
10. My eyes are hazel.
11. My favorite material possession is a letter that Dave wrote me when I was in labor with our B.
12. To relax, I like to hang out with my fellas, scrap, read, sleep.
13. The town I live in is not where I want to live for the rest of my life.
14. My worst habit is binging.
15. My guilty pleasure is Starbucks.
16. When I look at someone, the first thing I see is their eyes or smile.
17. I think that this is a repeat...hmmmm.
18. I can live without gossip.
19. I wish I had more time.
20. My life is crazy wonderful.

So go ahead. Fill this out for yourself. Reflect. And then share with me! :)

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