Aaaaaaaand it's official.

We're looking at houses!! :) With a very sweet hook-up from one of the clients I work for we'll be able to afford a house, so Dave and I have started looking! We took home three binders yesterday which had tons of pics of three little houses in our area. Of course I put them on my computer and forgot to upload them to Shutterfly so I don't have any pics to post. Yea, I suck. I'll get them up though, I swear.

Anyway. We're both beyond excited but freaking out at the possibility of home ownership. There is SO much that goes into this process and it's overwhelming. Especially considering that we've been paying rent for 6+ years. It'll be so awesome to actually OWN something though, ya know?

Ok, so since I know squat about houses I need to know stories. Bad stories, good stories, tips, ideas, decorating ideas ('cause God knows I'll need it), etc. So get to talking people. Tell me anything I need to know about houses. :)

Oh, p.s. I *still* haven't gotten a letter from NOVA about the freakin' nursing program. Have I told you I'm the antsiest (is that a word?) person alive! This is KILLING me!!! Ugh.


Deanna Kroll said...

Stephanie, I am antsy when it comes to things pertaining to my nursing stuff too - hope you get your letter soon! I will also be graduating in 2008, in the Spring. Good luck to you with your first semester of clinicals (I am assuming your first).

Good luck with the house hunting too! We just bought our home 4 years ago, and it was a nightmare looking through all the homes we did. I was extremely picky and wanted something that wasn't going to be a fixer upper. DH of course didn't mind. We did finally agree on the home we bought, and I have never regretted the decision. You'll just KNOW when it is the right home, it's going to feel right, and it will be the greatest feeling for you!!

Suzy West said...

congrats on the house hunting!!! How fun for you!!!!!
Love your blog!

Sofia said...

Congratulations! Sorry, no advice. We are still renting.

oceans4 said...

I have no advice on buying a home but I can decorate like crazy.LOL. Just let me know when the times comes what kind of ideas you need. Congrats on house hunting:)

Michelle W. said...

congrats!!! it's exciting!!!

just remember to be super picky! LOL.

gabby almejo-garza said...

yup....make sure you get what you want. don't settle. and if you want like actual detailed advise, just let me know.

any who....congrats on your homebuying decision.

- g