Yea, so I don't know what to blog about today. heh. :) I mean, I do, but I can't reveal it yet. ;) I'm just so...stressed, I guess. I'm at a point in my life where I'm being pulled in more than one direction and I don't really know which way is the right way. Or if there even IS a right way, ya know? I'm totally going to ramble in this post, so be prepared...

I have SO many options on what I can do with my life right now. So many paths I can take, and yet I am so TORN on what to do. Which path? When is the right time? Which do I do first? *sigh* I know I sound confusing and that's probably because I, myself, am full-on confused. I wish I had one of those cool wheel thingys that you spin (kinda like on Wheel of Fortune) and it just chooses a path for you. I am NOT a good decision maker. I hate having to put pieces together to make a whole. I just want the answer and I want it now. I'm VERY impatient. I'm also very unreasonable. I want both. I want it all. But I don't think I can. As an adult, a mother, a wife, a HUMAN, I don't know if I can have it all. At least right now. :( And that kinda pisses me off. It goes back to the whole "I'm impatient and unreasonable" thing I was talking about.

*sigh* So here I sit...torn in my decision on what to do. What paths to take. When to take them. Who to tell. It's kind of annoying, honestly. I just wish my brain would go "oh hey, Steph, by the way...here's what we're going to do." But that isn't going to be the case...obviously.

So for the meantime I'll wait. And see what happens. And talk to my husband. And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, be able to work out the angst in my mind on what I should do.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. ;)


Anonymous said...

You will make the right choice for you, dave and bradley. I know you will. decisions are hard to make, and I also am a bad decision maker...but you know that no one but us can make our decisions. Think about it all long and hard..make a list of pros and cons..then just go with your heart..it will lead you in the right direction.


Sofia said...

I totally suck at making decisions, so I know what you're feeling. Hope you figure things out.

oceans4 said...

Good luck deciding. I know what it feels like to be at a crossroad.

Maby said...

well shoot... i didn't know you had a blog!!! Yay you!! I'll have to put your link on my favs so I can stop by.. I"ve kinda got sucked in at the DigiBoard and am not on NSBR as much anymore.. I have however SCRAPPED! Close to 50 pages in just over 2 months! compared to my pathetic FOUR paper pages in All last year! HA! anyway.. this is mnm_y2 lol. and you can see MY blog at www.mabysplace.blogspot.com

TTYL! Claudia