I'm dreaming of a GREEN Christmas!

LOL! Sorry. It's cheesy, I know, but I couldn't HELP myself! ;)


What do I mean by GREEN Christmas? Well, in this case I mean we've greened our tree. Meaning that this year, rather than chop a tree down or buy a plastic one (sorry, but PVCs skeeve me out) Dave (being the plant guru that he is) managed to finagle (sp?) us a LIVE tree...still in its bucket and everything! So when we're done with it this year all we have to do is either plant it in the backyard or put it in a bigger bucket so we can use it next year! :) Cool, eh?!

And, rather than incandescent Christmas lights, we bought a strand of sweet lookin' LED Christmas lights. They use less energy, last longer, look cooler, and are just all around better! From HolidayLEDs (where we bought these bad boys):

Energy Scrooge™

Replacing 70 bulbs with LEDs is like
152 trees
1,274 Kilowatts of Electricity
1,975 lbs of Co2
$140.14 in electricity

So cool! :) We got these pretties:

Anyway, once we get the tree all set up and the coolio lights on it I'll get a picture up! :)

Merry Christmas!


oceans5 said...

Your tree is going to be awesome! Would love to see some pics:)

Angela said...

I would love to have a tree in a pot, but I would kill it. I kill all plants and flowers, untentionally of course.