Home Depot kicks butt!

How could you NOT love this?!?! On earth day (April 22) Home Depot will be giving away 1,000,000 CFLs (compact fluorescent lightbulbs)! They're just giving them away! You HAVE to take advantage of this opportunity...by doing this they'll reduce 196 MILLION pounds of CO2 emissions into the air (the equivalent of removing 70,000 cars from the highway!) and save $12 million in annual energy costs! $12 MILLION! Can you believe that!? And...you get it all for free! Just by stopping in to a Home Depot store on the 22nd! :) EVERYONE can do that! So make sure you take advantage of the offer and hit the Home Depot store nearest you!

p.s. Come back to my blog in the next few days...I'm going to be having an Earth Day trivia game and the winner will get an awesome RAK! ;) (random act of kindness for those of you who don't know..lol)

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jill s said...

awesome! thanks for the heads up!