Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, 2007! :) Well, technically it's another 30 minutes away, but I figured I'd start now since I'll have a LOT of studying to do tomorrow.
So, I promised an Earth Day quiz with an awesome prize for the person who gets the most correct answers, and I will not disappoint! Go ahead and read the questions, write down your answers somewhere, and shoot me an email with your answers and I'll give everyone until midnight tomorrow night to get them to me. I'll post the winner on Monday or Tuesday along with the correct answers. Make sure you check back a few times throughout the day for some more Earth Day fun! And remember...do what you can tomorrow to protect our home...walk instead of drive, recycle, plant a tree, pick some trash up off the ground (yes, even if it's not yours...ESPECIALLY if it's not yours), and slow down...stop and smell the flowers...they're there for YOUR enjoyment! :)
So without further ado, I bring to you...my Earth Day quiz! Good luck all!
1. If every American home replaced just one standard light bulb with a CFL (compact fluorescent light bulb), we would save enough energy to light more than ________ homes for a year and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of nearly _________ cars.

a. 2.5 million; 800,000
b. 1.5 million; 700,000
c. 10 million; 1 million
d. 1; 1

2. We celebrate Earth Day this year on what day?

a. May 16
b. June 14
c. April 22
d. December 27

3. VOCs, a variety of toxic chemicals found in paint, cleaning supplies, pesticides, permanent markers, etc. are shown to have both long and short-term health effects. Concentrations of VOCs are typically higher indoors. What does VOC stand for?

a. Very old chemicals
b. Volatile organic compounds
c. Vast organic chemicals
d. Vile old compounds

4. How much energy is saved by recycling one aluminum can?
a. Enough energy to run a treadmill for 24 hours
b. Enough energy to run a TV set for 4 hours
c. Enough energy to run a refrigerator for 6 days
d. Enough energy to run a CFL (compact fluorescent light bulb) for 10 hours

5. Which of the following is an item that CAN be composted?

a. Ground meat
b. Cooking oil
c. Human hair
d. Ashes from a charcoal grill

6. Which of the following has at least 80% more cancer-fighting properties than its conventional counterpart?

a. Organic olive oil
b. Organic balsamic vinegar
c. Organic pancetta
d. Organic ketchup

7. What does CSA, in relation to farming, stand for?

a. Community Supported Agriculture
b. Corn, Strawberries, Apples
c. Clean Standard Agriculture
d. Crops Sold in America

8. How many pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) does a 2007 Ford F150 Pickup emit per year?

a. 10,112 pounds
b. 9,812 pounds
c. 14,000 pounds
d. 13,812 pounds

9. In 2006, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) awarded “green” status for the first time ever to a skyscraper (The Hearst Tower) in what city?

a. Boston
b. Chicago
c. New York City
d. Seattle

10. How many gallons of water can you save per day by fixing one leaky faucet?

a. 30
b. 5
c. 14
d. 20
Good luck everyone! I hope this will teach everyone a little something, too! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I learned a lot from this quiz! ;o) Love, Jenn Jed