I stumbled upon a new Bath & Body Works scent the other day while picking up some of their antibacterial soap that's on sale...coconut lime! Man, it is flippin' heaven in a bottle! Usually I'm not a big coconut fan, but the balance of sweet and tart in this soap is just amazing! I keep sniffing my hands! lol ;)

Anyway...just wanted to share. It's the little things!


Anonymous said...

I have to smell that one. I usually like the smell of coconuts, but too often it smells like suntan lotion! Sounds interesting though!

Anonymous said...

ohhh sounds good. haven't been to b&bw in forever!


Angela said...

smelly stuff is fun unless of course it is your hubby's fart

Jenny Ryan said...

Yes-it IS the little things. When I find wonderful hand lotion, all is right with the world :)

shirley said...

Oh, love that place! < my new favorite is the Japanese Cherry Blossom