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Make a wish! ;) I love doing that. Heh.

Anyway. So, yesterday my sister, Mike, Dave, and I all dropped the kids off at my Mom's house so that we could go see a movie. Dave and I had gone to see Talladega Nights (GREAT movie, by the way) awhile back and had seen previews for this movie called Borat. The few snipets from the movie that they showed during the previews were frickin' hysterical! I mean, the preview itself is only what...maybe 3 minutes? And Dave and I were cracking up and had decided that we needed to see this movie. So when Mike mentioned that they wanted to go see it we were all over it. ;)

So we get to the theatre, buy our tickets (Mike thought they were going to be sold out and there were like MAYBE 10 people in the theatre...lol) and sit down. Once the movie started I could pretty much tell it was going to be one of those movies. Ya know the one where there are parts SO funny that you can't breathe because you're laughing so hard? The beginning was awesome. Memorable quotes, funny scenes, the works. Then about halfway into it things started getting weird. Seriously, I have an awesome sense of humor. I can laugh at the stupidest stuff for hours on end. Really. And I, shamefully, like a good stupid, uncomfortable, morally-questionable joke just as much as the next guy, but whoa. Without spoiling it for those of you who still want to see this movie, I was pretty much shocked, offended, annoyed, and laughing all at the same time. I mean, some parts were funny to the point of gut-busting, but others you could hear the whole audience gasp in that "I cannot believe they just played that" way that you would had we been at a dinner party and someone told a bad joke, ya know? Gah.

So pretty much, I'm going on the premise that about 10% of this movie was actually really funny and about 90% of it was so stupid, lame, crude, and disgusting that it wasn't even in the same category as funny. And seriously, I like lame, crude, disgusting movies, but this one didn't even compare. Meh. So anyway...take my opinion for what you will. And then decide if you want to spend the $36 that theatres are now charging for a regular priced ticket to go see it. ;)

Now, the one GOOD redeeming quality the movie had was Sacha Baron Cohen, the main character, Borat. The guy is a friggin' comedic genius. Seriously. If you haven't seen Talladega Nights, I am BEGGING you to go rent it. lol The guy is frickin' hysterical and even though Borat fell short of what I wanted it to, it would've been off-the-radar bad had Sacha not been the main actor. ;)

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kellyedgerton said...

THIS is the kind of review I thought I would see. I'm not surprised, based on the interviews and clips that have been shown here in the DC area (and they are all over the politically incorrect dialogue).

My 16 y/o daughter is dying to see this movie. My guess is that some of the remarks will go right over her head. She's growing up, but not yet mature enough to have a whole lot of points of reference. She's already told me that Borat is NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. At least she gets that point!