I am so tired! We are finally moved in (with the exception of a few little things at the old place that my sweet husband is picking up today) and can start unpacking! I hate the packing/unpacking process but at least with unpacking you're not on a deadline. So seriously, if I don't ever want to unpack, I don't have to. ;)

I'm also BEYOND excited about having an actual "scrap area." No more scrapping in the dining room for me! ;) I've come up with so many ideas that I want to try out to make my area more efficient, this being one of them. How friggin' cute is that?? Leave it to Pottery Barn to make me want to empty my already empty wallet. ;)

I'm thinkin' if I'm really nice to him, I can ask D to build one for me. :) So there's so much stuff I want to do I have no idea where to start. But I *love* collecting ideas. It's what I do best. Heh. Implementing those ideas, though...yea, notsomuch.

Anyway. Homework is killing me. Nursing school starts in 17 days, and I am freaking out. I feel like I'm drowning in homework! I can't wait until my last day of work so I can just stay home and study all the time! lol Seriously, as crazy as that sounds, that's all I want to do. Well, that and scrap, but I have no time! So yea, I just want to be at home right now studying and reading since classes start in less than 3 weeks. OMG. *sigh*

Wish me luck!


Jenny J said...

i love you! You are precious! And I love that shelf! ask nice nad see if he wants to build two of them! haha!!!! :)

jenni j

Adrienne said...

Congrats!! We just put our house onthe market Tuesday...I am PRAYING for a quick sell! LOL I love my scrap room, you will LOVE it!

gabby almejo-garza said...

way to go sweetie. you deserve a place of your own to live, create and be happy!

oh, and those shelve thingys are beyond adorable huh? gosh if i could, i would go broke at pottery barn.

but i bet you could get the same look if you just put up some shelves and lined up some colorful little buckets. you can get those tin buckets at wal mart or at a feed store.

then if you want, you can paint them to match your wall color or decor. and if you're really up for it you can even get a little more creative and add rub ons so you know what's in them. oohhhh...and you can also add some ribbon to the handles or something.

have fun decorating and enjoying your new home.

- g