Ok, so it's been what...weeks since I last posted, right? Ugh. I've been soooo insanely busy! The homebuying process blows! There is so much paperwork and so much jargon and not enough time and too much money and not enough patience and on and on and on. I can't stand it! I just want it to be over and I want to be moved in. Really, at one point I was ready to just friggin' quit and stay in my tiny little apartment forever. I mean really, who cares? We don't pay for gas we don't pay for water or trash removal or anything. Just electric. I'm cool with that. It's better on my end. But then B won't have a yard to play in and we won't have anything to call our own and we won't have any walls to paint and let me tell you I am TIRED of white walls. Everything in my new place will be painted! Bright, colorful, cheery colors! Our living room will be red and the kitchen will be orange for starters. ;)

So enough of the house. Great news for my girl
Jaime Warren! I am so so so happy for you, sweetness!!! :) Congratulations a million times over! She hasn't been on 2peas lately and I miss her, but I just wanted to let her know how happy I was for her.

So nursing school starts in about a month and a half and I'm nervous. WAY nervous, actually. I have to have 200+ pages read by the first day of class and I'm already taking 2 classes right now. Thankfully I will have gone to part time by the time nursing school actually starts so that won't be too much of a concern, but I'm drained. I wish I could spend one day NOT doing homework. ;) But I know that won't happen until I've graduated, so for now I'm just going to study until I pass out. Heh. Wish me luck!


oceans4 said...

Your house stuff must be so exciting!!! You are gonna do great in nursing school:)

Jenny J said...

atleast you have had you BFF going through the homebuying process with you...and so i know it sucks! I am soooo proud of you starting nursing school too...you can save my life anytime! I already trust with with every bit of it! yay...one day you will deliver my baby!!! well, assuming they will let you in the OR at a hospital here..haha...but I will make a scene if they won't! haha love ya, miss ya!